How does subscription solar power work? *

  1. Placas Solares das Fazendas Solares

    Our solar farms produce energy credits

  2. Smartphone

    You sign up to an Órigo plan

  3. Linha de Transmissão de Energia

    The energy generated by the farms enters the distribution network

  4. Conta de Luz

    The distributor deducts the credits generated by your Órigo plan from your monthly consumption.

*Solar energy by subscription: This means the use of clean energy by the local distributor's customer, brought together with other consumers through a cooperative or consortium under the shared generation modality provided for in Law 14.300/2022 and ANEEL Normative Resolution 1. 000/2021 of ANEEL, and participating in the Electricity Compensation System (SCEE), a system in which active electricity is injected by a consumer unit with distributed microgeneration or minigeneration into the local distributor's network, subsequently used to offset active electricity consumption or accounted for as energy credit.

We are the pioneering company in renewable energy in Brazil. We have over 100 solar farms spread across Minas Gerais, Pernambuco, Ceará, Mato Grosso do Sul, Distrito Federal, and São Paulo, where our solar panels capture the sunlight and convert it into electrical energy in a clean and sustainable manner.

Whether in a house or apartment, rented or not, solar energy can be affordable, without the need for panel installation and without bureaucracy. We encourage rational consumption and will show you that there is a straightforward way to be part of this change. Órigo Energia is for everyone!

Calculate your savings

Do the simulation to find out how much you could save with solar power from Órigo!

Do the simulation to find out how much you could save with solar power from Órigo!

  • Simulate your savings Use the calculator to simulate your savings
  • Fill in your details 100% online
  • That's it, you can start saving!

Click on choosen option:

What is your average electricity bill?

R$ 150,00 Check our plan terms for this amount

The discount is 10%:

R$ 15,00

In 1 year:

R$ 180,00


The reduction in my energy bill was significant. It has a sustainability bias, generating clean energy.

foto do cliente


Private customer

Signing up to Órigo was very easy, it was so quick. The Solar Farm is a reality, in addition to bringing savings for the customer.

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Private customer

We think “it's too good to be true”, but with Órigo there's no catch, there's no between the lines.

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Business customer

I'm totally in love. I got good discounts with Órigo Club and I always choose to deduct from my bill

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Private customer

As an Órigo customer, we benefit not only from energy savings, but also strengthen the pillar of sustainability, which is a value of our company.

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Business customer

We are pioneers in solar farms in Brazil

+ 85 mil

Customers saving money

+ 1200

Cities in Brazil

+ 100 milhões

Reais saved


Exclusive Benefits Club for Órigo customers!

How does it work:

  • You refer friends or companies
  • Your referral signs up to Órigo
  • You exchange your points for money*, discounts on your electricity bill or for thousands of products, services and trips on Livelo
Simulate savings *Points accumulated from 01/10/2022 and converted via the Órigo App!
% Yout points now are worth money

Labels, Certifications and Prizes

certificado empresa certificada
certificado giirs impact rated
certificado best for customer
certificado best for environment
inter solar
premio eco brasil
premios latinoamerica verde
certificado fecomerciosp
Selo RA1000
Certificado Internacional de Qualidade em Atendimento
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